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Warendorf Küchen Konzept 1 Heiko Antoniewicz

Warendorf presents:
Konzept 1.

In order to better understand the needs of ambitious chefs, WARENDORF brought in a professional, Heiko Antoniewicz. Cooking processes were analyzed with the experienced chef and designed for optimal workflows. Concept I is the kitchen that, ergonomically and logistically, brings the individual steps into an ideal preparation process – based on a professional kitchen.


Why Warendorf

Joints and edges in perfection

The 4 mm narrow joint pattern on fronts, drawers and pull-outs as well as mitigated edges underlines the incomparable design of a WARENDORF kitchen. The filigree gap dimension is a must for design lovers. Our attention to detail is reflected in our precise craftmanship within 1/10 mm. This enables a gap dimension of 4 mm even on large furniture and across corners and edges not only on all fronts, drawers, pull-outs and shelves but also on side panels and cover shelves.


Paint variety par excellence

Our in-house lacquering enables incomparable quality and flexibility. Handmade in seven steps for uniquely smooth surfaces in your color of choice: beautiful, glamorous, impressive and selected from a spectrum of over two thousand colors according to the RAL or NCS spectrum. Custom made for you we provide a variety of paint finishes: smooth-, microstructure-, effect-, gloss-, high gloss- and piano lacquer quality.


The world’s most stable carcase

Warendorf provides a 30-year warranty on the patented carcass system!Maximum stability of the carcass is achieved by the welded miter joint combined with an 8mm glued back panel with perfect angular accuracy. The thick edge on the sides of each part prevents swelling of the material. A precisely fitted comfort profile ensures a closed and a dust-tight system. Our unique manufacturing process offers you absolute flexibility in height, width and depth.


Products and Inspiration

Stage Line

Inspiring front optics in perfection.

Depending on personal preference, the 600 to 1200 mm wide base units can be varied between the grab profile, drawers and front notches and pull-outs.


Big Island

Expression of a geometric design language.

The kitchen design presents a mix of high-quality materials, contrasting colors and surfaces in plastic ceramic decor and the finest smooth lacquer.


End Grain

“End Grain” New concept with unique accents.

End-grain wood is a natural material that sets special accents with the surfaces cut across the longitudinal axis.


Noble veneers

We offer a wide range of veneered fronts.

In the programs with precious veneers, the course of the grain is generally worked on block formation. On request even with a horizontal or vertical grain pattern.