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Slide Jetzt vor Ort erleben Chef Stage Die Küchen für den Gourmetkoch
Here the chef cooks.

For the Chef Stage from Warendorf, cooking processes were analyzed and a kitchen was designed for optimal workflows. The kitchen, which ergonomically as well as logistically brings the individual steps into an ideal pre- and preparation sequence - based on the professional kitchen of famous chefs.

Lowered storage area for the shopping basket in direct proximity to the refrigerator. This allows the groceries to be stored directly and cleaned for further processing. Trash receptacle directly under the countertop to dispose of waste directly from the countertop into the trash receptacle. Bulky cookware, baking sheets and trays are easily cleaned in the spacious sink. Kitchen faucet with high faucet and flexible rinsing spray can be swiveled and adjusted as desired.

The cooking area can be accessed from two sides. A practical functional unit with boxes for cooking utensils behind the cooktop extractor and work surfaces next to the cooktop provide space for preparing, placing and arranging food at different heights. The raised worktop can be individually adjusted to suit body size and personal preferences. Pots and pans are visible and within easy reach under the cooktop in lower cabinets with glass fronts. The drawers also house the stowed wooden boxes that can be customized, stocked and arranged on the workspace during cooking.


Each Warendorf kitchen is unique, individually designed according to the ideas and specifications of our customers and manufactured exclusively on commission. No two are alike. Just take the following examples as inspiration for your own project. In our showrooms and with our specialized trade partners you will find proven experts who will make your wishes come true.