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From 1973 unit today

June 2019

Signal for new beginning

Our company feels that its exhibition at Gut Böckel has ultimately showcased the company‘s commitment to excellence in product and design, while at the same time signaling our newfound impetus following the successful transfer of business operations to the new owner. They see themselves as a strategic partner and deliberately act in the background.

March 2018

October 2013

CoBe Capital continues the tradition

CoBe Capital is a global, private investment company that specialises in the acquisition and operation of non-core business units in the Americas and Europe from leading global corporations. Its goal in the long-term growth of these units - on the basis of the management philosophies of Lean Management and continual improvment. CoBe Capital was founded by Neal Cohen in 1994.

September 2010

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June 1992

October 1986

April 1973

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