WARENDORF manufactures each kitchen to individual dimensions without having to resort to stock items. Each kitchen is unique, not only in the way the cabinets are arranged in a row, but from the inside out. The dimensions of the cupboards are just as individual as the fronts in colour, shape and height. Also shelves, niches, handle solutions, interior fittings – everything is selected, manufactured and assembled by you. That is craftsmanship made in Germany – that is WARENDORF.


Competece since 1973

Folding Carcase

The Carcase

We are the only manufacturer to offer the high-quality and patented folding carcase – and we give a 30-year guarantee.


The Gap

Our attention to detail can be seen in the exact way we work – accurate to 1/10 mm – allowing a gap of 4 mm even on large pieces of furniture and across corners and edges.


The Lacquer Quality

Our PIANO7® paint promises incomparable paint quality and mirror-like reflections. 7 steps – 7 layers applied and processed for you by hand.

Variety Of Colours

Variety Of Colours

Almost unlimited colour spectrum with over 2000 RAL and NCS colours – WARENDORF’s colour variety at no extra charge

Steel Copper

Choice Of Premium Surfaces

Highest quality standards also for other surface materials such as wood, concrete, glass, aluminium & stainless steel.


Veneer Competence

Continuous grain flow for veneers and fine veneers. We offer a choice of horizontal or vertical grain flow – for real wood veneers and wood decors.


The Equipment Variants

The crowning glory: sophisticated interiors, organisational systems, worktops, lighting arrangements and much more.