Like a scene from a fairy tale; glamorous and impressive. A high gloss lacquer with a mirror-like reflective surface - PIANO7®. Selected from a spectrum of over two thousand colours. Made for someone very special. Made in accordance with your ideas and requirements. Made for you. You don’t have to compromise. Artisanal perfection by WARENDORF – Die Küche.


The folding carcase is what sets WARENDORF apart and provides the rationale for artisanal manufacture – it guarantees the greatest possible flexibility for the space by making individual heights, depths and widths possible. The complete carcase is made from a single length of board cut to size, morticed and finally folded. This is how WARENDORF – Die Küche guarantees its unique stability while giving the kitchen designer complete freedom.


Even our lacquered fronts are made in Warendorf. Handcraftsmanship forms the basis of each WARENDORF kitchen – not just for the carcase. In a process comprising of seven individual steps, our fronts are given the unique WARENDORF High Gloss finish - PIANO7®. But it does not end there: Thanks to our lacquer sample library, you can be sure of getting your chosen colour shade for any subsequent orders.