Joints and edges in perfection

Perfect lines.

Warendorf creates perfect lines by 4 mm narrow joints on fronts, drawers and pull-outs.

Especially for kitchens with high architectural requirements, it is important to choose a filigree gap size.

Our attention to detail and exact working method creates the precise appearance of the joints with an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

This allows a gap dimension of 4 mm even with large furniture and on corners as well as on edges.

This also applies to fronts, shelves, and side panels.

Genuine handmade.

The Warendorf Contour edge.

The edges are bevelled by hand in 45° vertically or horizontally.

The fronts, side panels, cover shelves or side covers reflect the craftsmanship in perfection.

This Contour Edge is available in many surfaces in melamine, lacquer and veneer, among others.

The world’s most stable carcase.