At the heart of a real WARENDORF is the extremely robust, patented folding carcase. It is cut from a single length of board and glued in a high quality production process.

The specially manufactured carcase, that is available in silvergrey or anthrazite, makes the units extremely strong and robust. The special WARENDORF technology makes it possible to manufacture the folding carcase in virtually any size or dimension, regardless which depth, height or width is required. This allows WARENDORF to breathe life into the most individual dream kitchens. We can dispense almost completely with fillers or spacers. That is handcraftmanship by WARENDORF.

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Experience for yourself exactly how a unique WARENDORF kitchen is brought to life! We are proud of our perfect production facility in the heart of Westphalia. Immerse yourself in our WARENDORF family and feel free to take a look. We would be happy to personally show you what sets a real WARENDORF apart!

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