Products and Inspiration

Big Island

“Big Island” Expression of a geometric design language.

The kitchen design presents a mix of high-quality materials, contrasting colors and surfaces in plastic ceramic decor and the finest smooth lacquer. The built-in gripping space profile on the tall cabinets in the vertical running direction is painted black and is only partially visible due to the notch in the fronts (Stage Line vertical). This creates a visually appealing front look.The inspiring front look of the “STAGE LINE” range is now also available for tall cabinets with a vertical cut-out in three tall cabinet heights with a front thickness of 19mm and a lacquered finish. The notch can be planned in the lower or upper front. This enables a visually appealing vertical line layout with a special expression to be planned.

Stage Line

Individualized through diversity.

Depending on personal preference, the 600 to 1200 mm wide base units can be varied between the grab profile, drawers and front notches and pull-outs. In addition, STAGE LINE is available in all lacquered surfaces, such as smooth lacquered, microstructured lacquered, high-gloss and effect lacquered surfaces.

Pure white smooth lacquer

An incomparably smooth surface

Handcrafted in seven steps for incomparably smooth surfaces. Gray is a diverse blend of the two shades, which are often referred to as non-colors. Gray is sometimes powerful, stays in the background or accentuates, but it’s never boring. Opaque white smooth lacquer and anthracite gray meet in this kitchen solution

High gloss lacquer on top of each other. Separated by black aluminum glass framed doors, the kitchen shows possible gradations and harmonises surprisingly well. Vertical lighting skilfully and elegantly sets the scene for the interior of the luxurious glass showcases. The noble gray effect is underlined by the new body colour

End Grain

“End Grain” New concept with unique accents.

Which visually give the kitchen that certain something and a high level of craftsmanship. Unique accents characterize the high level of craftsmanship in this new kitchen concept. End-grain wood is a natural material that sets special accents with the surfaces cut across the longitudinal axis. The originality is reflected in the typical circular annual rings and cracks. Each piece is as unique as the tree from which it was cut. We have combined this materiality with modern kitchen elements. Creating this connection once again underscores WARENDORF’s tradition of craftsmanship.

Ceramic anthracite

Expression of a geometric design language.

The finest walnut veneer gives this otherwise rather cool composition a naturally warm character and a homely look. The standard is always premium and the production processes are characterized by manual work – especially in the veneer processing. The new contour shelves with visible wooden drawers underline the horizontal lines of this kitchen planning.