Here at WARENDORF we never think in standard dimensions but make every kitchen to measure with individually defined unit measurements in all dimensions. Uniting state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with lovingly executed handcraftsmanship, our production team has been making each and every WARENDORF a unique one of a kind for more than 40 years.

Carcase Detail

The “inner life”

At the heart of a real WARENDORF is the extremely robust, patented folding carcase. It is cut from a single length of board and glued in a high quality production process. This special technology makes it possible to manufacture the folding carcase in virtually any size or dimension, regardless which depth, height or width is required. This allows WARENDORF to breathe life into the most individual dream kitchens. A real WARENDORF fits the space like a bespoke suit fits the wearer.

Äussere Hülle

The outer shell

Nothing says individuality as much as the surface finish of your kitchen. From functional finishes such as laminate, glass or stainless steel to lacquered finishes in over 2,000 colour variations and veneers with striking grain patterns, WARENDORF creates highly individual surfaces using a special manufacturing technology.


The surface makes the difference

WARENDORF was one of the first manufacturers in the sector to use a lacquering line. As our customer you can choose from a virtually unlimited range of colours. Whether gloss, smooth, matt or textured – WARENDORF can execute virtually any surface finish. Even in the colourful world of RAL AND NCS, WARENDORF feels right at home.

Competence In Laquer

Competence in lacquer

Whether matt, textured, gloss or high gloss – there is no line between the front and the edge in a WARENDORF kitchen. To bring out the full beauty of the lacquered surfaces, the material is applied in a special process and polished by hand.

Real Craftsmanship

Authentic craftsmanship

Framed fronts and feature elements are made by hand by WARENDORF. Particularly labour intensive are the fronts in the framed door programes as well as the slatted doors with narrow frames and internal profiles. These are finished by hand – craftsmanship made by WARENDORF.

Contour Edge

Special feature: contour edges

Contour edges are produced entirely by hand at WARENDORF. When used on side panels, unit sides, top boards and bottom panels they lend them a highly expressive touch. Individual and sophisticated!