Warendorf Konzept 1

The kitchen: kitchen processes were analysed from the professional point of view of Heiko Antoniewicz. During the development process, they were optimised and implemented into the kitchen setup. The clear structural setup of Concept I combines the individual steps into an ideal preparation process in an ergonomic and logistic way –just like in a professional kitchen.

Functional luxury design.

Developed in cooperation with Michelin Star chef Heiko Antoniewicz.Concept 1 will be presented at this year’s in-house exhibition in Warendorf and appeals to passionate hobby cooks. To better understand the needs of those ambitious chefs, WARENDORF worked with Heiko Antoniewicz. Together we analysed cooking processes and created an optimized workflow in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen design follows the requirements of the functions and features defined for our unique customers.

The chef: Heiko Antoniewicz is an award-winning chef and cookbook author. His cookbooks have been awarded with the World Cookbook Award. As part of the “Best of the Best Awards – Chef-Sache” (Port Culinaire), he was voted several times as trendsetter of the German culinaric art scene.


Storage, preparation, cleaning

Concept 1 was designed with a lowered surface in order to easily take groceries in and out of the shopping basket. This area is located next to the fridge with freezer, refrigeration area and zero-degree-zone, as well as next to the sink. Thus, groceries can be stored easily and be cleaned for further processing.

In order to make the preparation process even more practical, trash cans are placed directly under the worktop. Thereby, waste can be disposed directly from the countertop into the trash can in an ergonomic way.

The sink is extremely spacious. This allows to place and easily clean cookware and trays. The faucet is tall and has a flexible sprayarm that can be swivelled in any direction. Moreover, the waterjet can be adjusted as needed.

Prepare, serve, cook

In Concept 1 a peninsula comprises the cooking area. Thus, it can be accessed from several sides. Behind the spacious hob with integrated extractor, there is a practical functional unit with storable wooden boxes. These can be used to store cooking utensils during the cooking process. Later, they can be put back into the drawers.

The spacious worktops next to the cooktop are of different heights in order to allow ergonomic preparation. In general, the heights of the worktop can be adjusted individually to personal preferences. An additional sink next to the cooktop enables cleaning of kitchen tools and ingredients while cooking.

Pots and pans are within easy reach under the cooktop in base cabinets with see-through glass fronts. A noise-reducing pad avoids loud sounds when taking utensils in and out. The wooden boxes with the cooking utensils are fully customizable and can be likewise stored in those drawers when not being used.

A separate glass cabinet provides stylish storage for dishes, cutlery, and glasses. It is located between the cooking and dining area and therefore creates a smooth transition between them. With this, the glasses are within immediate reach of the dining table.

Devices and technology

The induction hob with downdraft system and teppanyaki is the center of the cooking peninsula. The oven is equipped with a wireless integrated food thermometer and an external heating drawer, which can also be used for low-temperature cooking. The thermal bridge of Concept 1 is an important function of the gastronomy. It keeps food warm gently until it is served.

The wine collection can be stored in a perfect climate environment in the wine cooler. It is located next to the living and dining area for a stylish transition. The portafilter coffee machine is a must for any passionate Barista and creates extraordinary espresso and latte art.

Altogether, the appliances of Concept 1 and their unique setup complete the image of a professional kitchen.

Surfaces, light and fittings

WARENDORF kitchen designs impress with thoughtful solutions and high-class craftmanship. The philosophy of Warendorf is implemented in every individual kitchen solution.The new wall units with tinted glass have concealed fitting for the lift door. Those are completely integrated into the side of the carcass in conjunction with a narrow aluminium frame.Another novelty is the effect paint with special gloss finish and metal steel effect (Steel Carbon and Steel+Lava). Appearing metallic and cool at the first glance turns out to have a pleasant touch and feeling.The combination of different worktop thicknesses ceramic represents the combination of weight and lightness. The typical delicate lines of WARENDORF are manifested with the fronts, side panels and worktops.Another highlight is the emotional lighting in this kitchen design. The combination of ambient and work light creates the ideal atmosphere and the perfect surrounding for ideal cooking.Concept 1 is truly a masterpiece created by WARENDORF.