WARENDORF places the highest demands on both the production and the design of its tailor-made premium kitchens. Theunique, patented folding carcase is the cornerstone of every WARENDORF kitchen. Beyond this, WARENDORF Manufacturing also boasts a comprehensive range of interior fittings. Outstanding craftsmanship is the hallmark of every step in the finishing of materials used to fabricate the veneers so that these processes culminate in flawless design contours.

Our company feels that its exhibition at Gut Böckel has ultimately showcased the company‘s commitment to excellence in product and design, while at the same time signaling our newfound impetus following the successful transfer of business operations to the new owner. The new investors in and owners of WARENDORF – Die Küche GmbH – are Mr. and Mrs. Wang from Hong Kong. They see themselves as strategic partners and will be playing an active but intentionally backstage role.

WARENDORF occupied the same space at Gut Böckel castle as last year and unveiled five kitchen designs on an area spanning approximately 200 square metres. Our patented folding carcase in the colors silvergray or anthracite is the basic element in every one of our kitchen concepts. Recent innovations and further developments include wood decors and surfaces with a ceramic and marble look as well as metallic fronts.


A combination of naturalness and contemporary aesthetics
Expressive woods and craftsmanship continue to put WARENDORF furniture design in a class of its own. Less rustic than previously yet boldly vivacious, Anthracite Oak is characterized by its expressive grain and beautifully synchronized pore. In combination with expressive metallic surfaces, the kitchen in this stylized look has a sophisticated and high-end effect. New aluminum glass frame fronts with mirrored surfaces and glare-free, vertical LED lighting combine to create a cozy and warm ambiance. The strikingly expansive countertop in Dekton Radium décor lends this kitchen its special charm. Inside, the new carcase color Anthracite comes to life when paired with wooden frames in black lacquered veneer.

An emotive geometric design language
This kitchen design features a blend of high-quality materials with contrasting colors and surfaces. The  novel contour shelves with visible wooden drawers emphasize the horizontal lines of this kitchen design. The horizontal, illuminated LED glass shelves in front of the ceramic back wall ensure a captivating lighting effect. The fi nest walnut veneer gives this otherwise sober composition a naturally warm character and homely charisma. It is our commitment to the highest quality standards that motivates WARENDORF designers to redefi ne tailor-made kitchens. The quality standard we achieve is always premium, while our production processes are distinguished by skilled craftsmanship, especially during the veneer processing stage. Our veneer fronts are manufactured in-house and exemplify our mastery of continuous grain patterns. Whether horizontally or vertically aligned, WARENDORF veneers are always selected and fi nished by hand.

Perfect Contrast
Stage Line Milieu

A classic of furniture and interior design
In this style, WARENDORF presents the Cool White veneer with an inspiring new look. The integrated offset rail, like the front, has retained its opaque white hue. One new feature is the notched recessed grip on the front. This feature lends itself to aesthetically pleasing and accentuating horizontal lines. The kitchen island is equipped with intricate, 12-millimeter-thin fronts that confer a distinctive air of grace and refi nement to the design. Patented fi ttings ensure optimum fi xation of the fronts to the drawers and pull-outs.

Unmistakable style and generous surface area
A reduction to the bare essentials is fundamental to achieving a design that is as elegant as it is expressive. The result is a touch of sophistication without any tendency towards exaggeration. Perfect craftsmanship and striking materials defi ne the aura of this tailor-made premium kitchen. The color and material blends are reminiscent of Far Eastern cultures. The veneered fronts in Cool Oak, the gold-colored effect lacquer and the surface-mounted ceramic countertop with its striking and expressive grain harmoniously round off the overall picture. A new feature of this composition is the top cupboard with sliding pocket doors. This piece is also where the typical WARENDORF contour edges on the lacquered elements come into their own.

Pure Elegance
Wood Line

A composition in prominent laminate décor
The dark oak features a perfect synchronous pore, one which conveys the look and feel of a genuine  veneered surface. The appearance of oak is as reserved as it is elegant and timeless. By manufacturing our own fronts, we are able to achieve a continuous frontal grain pattern, even in those areas where laminate is used. Whether horizontally or vertically aligned, each front is selected and processed by hand.

The WARENDORF exhibition at Gut Böckel castle once again demonstated that it is a supplier in the  premium segment. The company will remain steadfast in its leading role that is underpinned by our core values of productsafety, bespoke manufacturing and expert craftsmanship. WARENDORF‘s pioneering designs will continue to redefine and inspire the market for many years to come.