The motto of this year’s Küchenmeile exhibition homes in on plays on words or deliberate typos that reference multiple concepts and the competences that lie behind them; combining materials and designs to bring new and exciting creations to the fore.

WARENDORF is presenting four kitchens at Gut Böckel, with a combined floor area of roughly 200 m².

New for all of the kitchens is their shared base: the patented folding carcase, which in addition to classic silver grey, is being presented at the Küchenmeile in the new colour anthracite to showcase this second carcase colour option. Furthermore, the range of front colours has been expanded with the addition of ceramic, metal and metallic effect lacquer finishes.

“Urbane Monolith” The design of this kitchen embodies the primordial nature of stone, whose unyielding weight, roughness and sheer mass stands in diametric contrast to lightness of touch. However, under the skilled hands of WARENDORF’s designers and craftsmen, it conveys an impressive simplicity. WARENDORF showcases 15 mm ceramic fronts in the colour Storm Negro on the island, which is topped by a worktop in the same material and given the impression of floating on a matching recessed plinth. A contrasting note is provided by the rear panel in the new colour Bronze from the programme of effect lacquers. Shelves attached to the rear panel and the counter abutting the island are finished in the colour Turf Oak which lends the warmth of wood to the design.

W1| Carbon aus dem Programm W1 by WARENDORF

W1 | Carbon

“W1| Carbon” is a kitchen taken from the new W1 by WARENDORF product line. This programme is intended to serve the lower price segment and is based on a standard carcase without buffer strip and a reduced range of unit types and front colours. WARENDORF shows here that it is possible to offer unusual materials and details in the entry-level price segment. In this kitchen design, different shades of grey come together to contrast and harmonise with each other. The colours chosen are super matt Platinum Grey and gloss finish Carbon Grey, which can be seen on the island. An elegant accompaniment is provided by the Dekton worktop. Inside the units, WARENDORF demonstrates the new anthracite carcase with W1 by WARENDORF pull-outs in a matching shade of grey. A contrast is provided by the rear panels in Platinum Grey and the wall units fronted by black aluminium-framed glass doors and dark tinted safety glass.


“Nuances” is the name given to a kitchen design that plays in the grey area between black and white. Grey is a versatile mixture of two colours that are frequently dismissed as non-colours. Grey can by turns be the strong leader of an ensemble, fade subtly into the background or be used to accentuate highlights. It is never boring. In this kitchen, opaque white smooth lacquer meets anthracite grey high gloss lacquer. Contrasting black aluminium-framed glass doors demonstrate the depth of possibilities and a surprising harmony. Sophisticated vertical lighting illuminates the interior of the luxurious glass-fronted units. The elegance of the grey colour palette is underscored by the new anthracite colour for the unit carcase and the matching pull-out system. The natural stone worktop with granite offset rail provides an additional highlight in a kitchen whose simplicity conceals numerous refined details.

W1| Carbon aus dem Programm W1 by WARENDORF

Club K.

“Club K.” The design of Club K. leaves room for interpretation whether K stands for kitchen or the abbreviation for copper, which in German is spelt with a K. The kitchen design exudes an impressive elegance, calm and grandeur in the way it combines two shades of copper with the sophisticated appearance of smoked oak. The warmth of the smoked oak is accentuated by the illuminated shelves on the rear panel and beside the run of kitchen units. Copper is used here to lend a dark sophistication to the aluminium front on the one hand and as an effect lacquer demonstrating a second, new, metallic colour on the other. The new, oxidised aluminium handle rail further accentuates the elegant effect. WARENDORF presents the new carcase colour with matching accessories. The ceramics worktop underscores the effect of this cultivated design.

With this presentation, WARENDORF again skilfully demonstrates why its brand belongs amongst the top players. Moreover, it showcases how, as in the past five decades, WARENDORF continually reinterprets the market with consistently revolutionary designs and an exceptional commitment to material authenticity, handcraftsmanship and quality workmanship.